Multi-pitch climbing

You are an occassional climber or an experienced climber and would like to try a multi-pitch route. You would like to feel the thrill of great heights, the increasing void below, the exhilaration of balancing so far from the ground? I will take you on a discovery of the limestone routes of the Hautes Alpes.

Multi-pitch route programme

Progressing in a multi-pitch route involves : climbing up for the length of a rope (25 – 50m), stopping to anchor yourself safely at a belay station, then belaying other climbers so they can climb up to your belay or go up to the next one

Multi-pitch climbing is all about going up the cliff face in a series of stages, forming a rope-party, getting some air, leaving the ground behind for a while.

We will adapt the programme according to your level, the time available and what you would like to discover.

  • If it is your first time, you will discover multi-pitch routes climbing in second. We wil cover the basic safety rules involved in multi-pitch climbing (setting up a safe and comfortable belay station, belaying, abseiling back down.)
  • If you are an experienced multi-pitch climber, after a review of the fundamental safety procedures, you can lead the climb or follow me, in a route chosen together.

Whether you are a beginner, occassional or experienced climber, we will find the right route for you. From an introductory arial “walk” to an “exposed” adventure, here we are spoilt for choice. Around Guillestre (Queyras, Ecrins) there are many sites which offer multi-pitch routes (half-day outings or all day trips)

Group : from 1 to 3 people
Age : from 10 years old
We provide : harnesses, helmet, rope, carabiners, belay devices and climbing shoes… everything !
You will need : a small backpack (25-35L), water, a warm jacket or sweatshirt in case, a snack, suncream and glasses.

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